Hate Me For a Reason, Let the Reason Be Hate

by LookiMakeMusic

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Three songs about failure and persistence. Recorded in Leicester in January 2012.


released June 20, 2012

Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Richard Hartfield. Music, lyrics and art by LookiMakeMusic.



all rights reserved


LookiMakeMusic Birmingham

Indierocknoisepopemo five piece from Birmingham

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Track Name: Michigan, Massachusetts, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds
And I’m honestly not sorry,
The truth is that you’re boring,
And us, we’d always rather be dancing than talking.
If you find yourself asking who put this on,
It was probably us,
We never gave much of a shit about your library divisions
We only ever gave a shit about love.

We’ve got the cheque and the plaid
We’ve got the chug and the scratch
It might be stupid and brutal
But it does something youthful and useful to me
Let’s all move to Leeds
We can’t afford Chicago
(We can’t afford Toronto)
So let’s all move to Leeds.

We read that it’s the second best place to go out in Britain
But we know better than that
Between Alex and Lois we’ve got sidedoors for free entry
And safe floors to sleep on in student flats
We spent three nights straight trying to force fast songs into slow jams
And they just wouldn’t take
So now we wait.

And you can tear England from my bones
England never meant a thing to me
But dump my body in the canal
And never say I was unimpressed
I’m leaving my last breath to the west.

Bury my heart in Birmingham
But my dreams will live in Leeds
I found my legs in teenage Leicester
And saw my guts in first year Coventry.
Scattered all across the nation’s railways
Are pieces of the people I used to be
And you can bury my heart in Birmingham
But my dreams will live in Leeds.
Track Name: I Don't Make Threats, I Make Promises
Dig me out of my bed and wipe me clean
I’m surrounded by parts of a person I refuse to be,
But you’re only just as bad as me.
All the things I never cared about
Are terrifying now,
This is what it feels like to care too much –
That fear? That’s the love.

I know I couldn’t make you happy,
I just wish I got the chance to try
I’m not saying that it’s right
I just wish you were alone tonight
I try to always tell the truth
But some lies sound better when I sing
This really is that weak and selfish
You know how I do, I don’t do anything

Don’t give in to winter,
You don’t need somebody beside you to sleep
But some nights you’ll want one,
Like no one would believe.
Let’s tie ourselves to the same sinking ship
It’s the best that I could do,
I’m giving all the worst of me to you.
‘Cause I’d always rather be an overshare mess
Than bitter, snide and repressed
We passed the dock,
Ploughed straight in to shore –
I can’t be your captain any more.

I’m not looking for a husband or a wife
Or even one perfect night
But someone to tie my hands would be nice.

I don’t want to be the body at the bottom of your lake
I don’t want to be your long-lost husband, presumed dead
I just want to be the easy option, the body at the foot of your bed.
Track Name: The Crash and the Close
Split me in half, gather up my blood, pour into a mould in the shape of
someone that could make you happy, and let it freeze.
I could never let anyone convince me I was pretty,
all I could do was try to convince myself I didn’t care,
But I really am that shallow, there’s hardly anything under there.

It’s body against brain, brain against body, body against brain again.
It’s brain vs. body vs. body vs. brain vs. brain vs. body again
(It’s the fight to keep myself in one piece, it’s the fight to keep me, me)

Build a safety net from night’s spent soaking wet,
swimming in whiskey standing in the rain,
Waiting for smoking friends to want to dance again.

I’m so easily distracted by anything shiny and bright
I’m such a coward by day, overconfident by night
My dig dumb drunken heart wants to die between your thighs.

Last summer I lost six hours to the streets of Nottingham
I lost six hours I’ll never see again.
Brought myself to the edge of sense and pushed myself off,
Found the point where I didn’t want a “me” anymore
Everyone else found a bed, I found myself on the floor saying:
“Miles, yr hellbent on headlights and skylines, yr becoming a liability,
Miles, you may not be an asshole, but you’re an idiot
And yr becoming a liability”

(You’ve done worse things, but not much worse)

Some nights all we get is hate and that’s just fine, I used to be fortified, by puritan body weaponised against drunks and dolts, now I’m as drunk as they come, I’m throwing insults at all my favourite people in the world, you are the oxygen supply on my airsuit and I am a mess, we are headed for another lazy shipwreck. Maybe if I spread myself extra thin there’ll be enough to leave some of me with everyone I’ve ever sinned against but I have already left so much dead skin in their beds.

Some nights we don’t need romance,
We just need to hold hands
We may die single but we won’t die alone
Somebody shut me up, fuck me and take me home.